Introduction to Youth Ministry Certification

Before you watch the videos, here are some FAQs we have compiled for you.

This Introduction to Youth Ministry is for leaders who want to learn more about how to be effective in their ministry. Part of the Adventist Youth Ministries Training (AYMT) curriculum. (This is a prerequisite to be Invested as a Master Guide)

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Workshop #1: Intro to Youth Ministry
Pako Mokgwane

WS1: Presentation
WS1: Handout

Workshop #2: Development Stages of Youth
Lyle Notice

WS2: Presentation

Workshop #3: Principles of Specialized Youth Ministry
Michael Polite
, Claudia Allen
, Steven Fonseca, Chelsea Inglish, Tracy Wood
, Vandeon Griffin

WS3: Handout 1
WS3: Handout 2
WS3: Social Justice Guide

Workshop #4: Leadership: Spiritual Leader, Mentor, Friend
Kathy Beagles Coneff, Steve Case, Guadalupe Montour, Vandeon Griffin, Tracy Wood

WS4: Handout 1
WS4: Handout 2

Workshop #5: Mentoring & Empowerment in Youth Ministry
Matt Weber

WS5: Presentation
WS5: Handout

Workshop #6: Youth Ministry in Your Local Church
Jason North

WS6: Presentation
WS6: Website Resources
WS6: YM Budget Template

Workshop #7: Spiritual Gifts, Service, Evangelism
Shelina Bonjour

No downloads available for this workshop.

Workshop #8: Digital Ministry: Maximizing Opportunities
Roger Wade

No downloads available for this workshop.