Youth Ignite

This track will focus on how to make Sabbath School the core part of your church’s youth ministry. Learn how to have a successful Sabbath program and the steps to expand Sabbath School into an all-week ministry. Part of the Adventist Youth Ministries Training (AYMT) curriculum.

Workshop #1: I: Initiate - Start/Revive Sabbath School
Steve Case

WS1: Presentation

Workshop #2: G: Give & Take - Ideas & Resources
Steve Case

WS2: Presentation

Workshop #3: Principles of Specialized Youth Ministry
Michael Polite
, Claudia Allen
, Steven Fonseca, Chelsea Inglish, Tracy Wood
, Vandeon Griffin

WS3: Handout 1
WS3: Handout 2
WS3: Social Justice Guide

Workshop #4: Leadership: Spiritual Leader, Mentor, Friend
Kathy Beagles Coneff, Steve Case, Guadalupe Montour, Vandeon Griffin, Tracy Wood

WS4: Handout 1
WS4: Handout 2

Workshop #5: N: Need - Increased Participation
Steve Case

WS5: Handout

Workshop #6: I: Involve - Start Discussions
Steve Case

WS6: Handout

Workshop #7: T: Thrive - Mentoring to Lead
Steve Case

WS7: Handout

Workshop #8: E: Express Commitment
Steve Case

WS8: Handout