Staff Leadership Certification

Before you watch the videos, here are some FAQs we have compiled for you.

This Certification is for Master Guides who want to learn how to lead their Adventurer Club, Pathfinder Club or Youth Ministry staff more effectively. Part of the Adventist Youth Ministries Training (AYMT) curriculum. (Prerequisite: Invested as a Master Guide). Available in English and Spanish.

Record Card
Tarjeta de Registro

Workshop #1: 7 Principles of Youth Leadership
Roger Wade

WS1: Presentation

Workshop #2: Staff Recruiting & Selection
Nadine Lashier

WS2: Presentation

Workshop #3: Staff Training
Natalie Noble

WS3: Presentation
WS3: Workshop Handout

Workshop #4: Staff Evaluation & Correction
Lester Lorenson

WS4: Handout 1
WS4: Handout 2

Workshop #5: Staff Retention & Appreciation
Abraham Henry

No downloads available for this workshop.

Workshop #6: Appreciating Diversity
Jeff Cooley

WS6: Presentation

Workshop #7: Managing Conflict
Josue Feliciano

WS7: Presentation

Workshop #8: Mental Health Resources
Dr. Jonathan Betlinski

No downloads available for this workshop.


Workshop #1: 7 Principios de Liderazgo Juvenil
Pedro Pérez

WS1: Presentación

Workshop #2: Selección y Reclutamiento del Equipo
Miguel Ramos

WS2: Presentación

Workshop #3: Apreciando la Diversidad
Paulo Macena

WS3: Presentación

Workshop #4: Evaluación del Equipo y Corrección
José Alba

WS4: Presentación

Workshop #5: Como Retener y Apreciar al Equipo
Ángel Reyes

WS5: Handout

Workshop #6: Entrenamiento del Equipo
Glorimar Teixeira

WS6: Presentación

Workshop #7: Manejando Conflictos
Eliasib Fajardo

WS7: Presentación