Coordinator Ministry

This track is for area or federation coordinators. Each workshop will allow for coordinators to share what has been most effective in their area.

Workshop #1: Instructing Master Guide Training Courses
Glorimar Teixeira

WS1: Presentation
WS1: Handout

Workshop #2: Instructing Pathfinder Staff Training Courses
Glen Milam

WS2: Handout

Workshop #3: Instructing Adventurer Staff Training Courses
Ada Gomez

WS3: Presentation

Workshop #4: Facilitating Conference-level
Safety Trainings
Angelina Wood

WS4: Handout

Workshop #5: Intro to Historian Ministries
Dixie Plata

WS5: Handout

Workshop #6: Researching History & Collecting Memorabilia
Lyle Petry & Dixie Plata

WS6: Handout 1
WS6: Handout 2

Workshop #7: Telling the Story & Building Cases
Lyle Petry & Dixie Plata

WS7: Handout 1
WS7: Handout 2

Workshop #8: AYMT Conference Conventions & Portfolio Reviews
Brad Forbes & Tracy Wood

WS8: Handout